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Giovanni Darconza

Giovanni Darconza was born in San Gallo, Switzerland, in 1968. He is a poet, a storyteller, a translator and a professor of Literature at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino. He published the collection of poems “ Beyond the glass sheet” (2006 – winner of the “Jacques Prévert” 2006 competition), the novel “Searching for Nobody” (2007), the short-stories collection “The man in black and other wastes” (2009) and the children's tale “The word thief” (2013, Frontino Montefeltro Award 2014). For the publisher Raffaello Editore he translated an anthology of Latinamerican short poems (2015) and the anthology “Young Latinamerican poetry” (2015); he also translated Óscar Hahn poetry collections “Tutte le cose scivolano” (2015), “Scintilii in uno specchio rotto” (2016) and “La memoria degli specchi e altre poesie” (2016); by Antonio Cisneros he translated ”Il cavallo senza liberatore” (2015); by Mario Bojórquez “Divano di Mouraria” (2016); by Rafael Courtoisie “Umbría” (2016) and by Marco Antonio Campos “Dove andava il vento” (2016).

Foto di Giovanni Darconza