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The jury of the Award, after a careful examination of the hundreds of works submitted in the various categories, has decreed the following Winners and Finalists:

Published Poetry:


Stefano Simoncelli with the anthology Prove del diluvio, Italic, 2017


Giancarlo Stoccoro with the anthology Consulente del buio, L'Erudita, 2017
Mariastella Eisenberg with the anthology Madri vestite di sole, Interlinea, 2014

Unpublished Poetry:


Maria Pia Quintavalla with the poems Mater 1 (Due sono una); Mater 2 (Nata dal riso; Mater 3 (Io scrivo a china per pulire)


Isabella Moretti with the poems Per come mi tocchi; Codice genetico; La finitezza, strascico sdrucito
Gili Haimovic with the poems Today even the buses…; The Dragonfly; Nice to meet you in the Suburbs

Dialectal Poetry:


Stefano Marino with the anthology Mùffura, Interlinea, 2013


Giuseppe Condorelli with the anthology N’zuppilu n’zuppilu, Le Farfalle, 2016
Lorenzo Scarponi with the anthology E’mi fióur, Pazzini Stampatore Editore, 2015

Young Poetry:


Alessandro Grippa with the anthology Opera in terra, LietoColle, 2016


Chiara Alessandra Piscitelli with the anthology Un bene palindromo, LietoColle, 2017
Martina Pini with the unpublished poems So che risalgo in superficie; Ramini; Pensavo fosse amore

Published Fiction:


Renata Ameruso with Il mercante, Albatross


Bruno Cimino with I cosi, quandu si cùntunu, pàrunu nenti, Meligrana
Pietro Rainero with Logica stringente, Il Convivio

Unpublished Fiction:


Piera Giordano with Vorrei essere come sono


Sandro Orlandi with Il caso Timbari
Zona Massimo with La cantina di tufo

Young Fiction:

In regards to Young Fiction the Jury was unable to assign any recognition after having considered the submitted works.

Special award to the career:

The special award for the career has been assigned to the Turkish poet Tuǧrul Tanyol for the exceptional novelty of his poetic voice.

Special mentions:

Thanking all the participants for their commitment and for the generally elevated level of the works submitted, which has often made the allocation of the granted preferences difficult, the Jury believes it necessary to signal the works submitted by:

  • the class 5° UC of Liceo Teresa Ciceri of Como, for the study and the careful processing developed on the Operette Morali by Giacomo Leopardi
  • the classes 2° and 3° ATT of Istituto Superiore Tecnico Turistico D’Oria of Ciriè (Torino) for the vast poetical and fictional sperimentation on the theme of time and its impact on the different kinds of writing
  • The Poetry workshop of Centro Socio Educativo “Francesca” of Urbino for the interesting exploration of dialectal poetry
  • the authors Storchi Melissa and Tagliabue Gabriel, for their show of an elevated and promising poetic sensibility, especially considering their extremely young age
  • the authors Cristina Balzaretti and Thi Dung Giada Barzaghi for Miaoo! La mia vita a quattro…ops…due zampe (La Vita Felice), for the softness and simplicity with which they treated a challenging and dramatically actual theme.


It's possible to download a pdf version of the announcement here.