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L'intervista su Vietnam Times a Kieu Bich Hau che parteciperà a Europa in Versi 2020

Vietnamese poetess will take part in  the International Poetry Festival Europa in versi

On 9, 10 and 11  October 2020 will be held the 10th editon of International Poetry Festival “Europa in versi”. This year the festival will be held online. The theme of the International Poetry Festival “Europa in versi” 2020 is "Poetry and Freedom". Many poets from Italy, Europe, Asia and America will take part in the Festival. The poetess and writer Kieu Bich Hau is invited to represent Vietnam. On Saturday October 10th she will take part to the on line poetry reading together with 33 other poets from all over the world.  Kieu Bich Hau will share her video on beauty and freedom in an online activity. The videos of all poets will be subtitled in Italian, and information about the authors are on web site

The poetry book “Unkown” of Kieu Bich Hau has been translated in Italian by Laura Garavaglia and  by the publishing house I Quaderni  del Bardo on July 2020 . The poetry collection has a favourable reviews on some Italian and Vietnamese newspapers and magazines. The poetess said "It was a surprise to be invited to this important event. I knew International Poetry Festival “Europa in versi”, through the information of the poet Laura Garavaglia and thanks to the poetry collection “Unknown” now published in Italy  I have the opportunity to participate to the Festival”.

Kieu Bich Hau is the first poet to represent Vietnam at Europa in versi Festival. She  said she was surprised because "I  wished to be invited  but never  I thought  my wish would became  a reality. I also gave an interview to an Italian newspaper about the opportunity for me to make the beauty and richness of Vietnamese culture be known to Italian readers".

 Kieu Bich Hau also thanked his Italian friends, the collaboration between Vietnam-Italy Friendship Association, as well as the information support of the Italian Embassy in Hanoi.

Vietnamese literature in general an in particular Vietnamese poetry is not well known abroad and especially in Italy. Before 2020, no Vietnamese poetry collections have been published in Italy. After this event, we are confident that Italian  I Quaderni del Bardo Publishing House I will continue to cooperate with the Vietnam Writers' Association to translate and publish books of poetry, novels, etc..

Literature is the bridge connecting culture, human feelings, overcoming border barriers, geographical distance, prejudices, as well as other obstacles, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.