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On the poetry of Marta Markoska

Gaining with rare intelligence from both science and geometry, Marta Markoska is able to borrow terms apparently far from poetry into verses burning with questions, doubts and intuitions, while playing on a calibrated formal control. Humankind as cosmos and cosmos as a law to become seem to comply with their own logic, in which love is also chaos and the fall of a body is also the shiver of a soul. The big is like the small and the tall is like the short: an almost alchemical view looking for the size and the meaning of our most inner feelings, realising that they are bound to everything. Marta Markoska's poems deal with us and the mysterious alternating laws that have always been ruling over things. However, as an aware poetess, she knows that at the end of every rule: Our triumph is inevitable / due to the discovery that / imbalance is a natural state / and order is a side effect to chaos. Entropy and personal backgrounds thus correspond to two parallel lines only touching in the infinite still in us.

written by Wolfango Testoni

translated into English by the students of Enaip-Como

Person mid-jump- as if there was no gravity