On the poetry of Haydar Ergülen

Born in an Alevi family, Hydar Ergülen doesn't forget his roots: a vein of Sufi mysticism seems to linger in all his verses, in which the spiritual dimension is always present – a dimension that the poet reaches via the sentiment of love. A love that is tolerance, that is respect for everybody and especially for the female figure, which for the poet isn't just an inspiring muse, but a concrete and salvific presence. Another theme in Ergülen's poetry is that of memory and the recollection of loved ones, like in the poem dedicated to his father “ a man that of this life has made a paradise/ and a paradise has made the life on the other side!”. The atmosphere of the manifold landscape and rich cultural history of Turkey, bridge between East and West, is only perceived on the sly, but is nonetheless constantly present in the verses of the poet.

written by Laura Garavaglia

Old woman in the desert