On the poetry of Giovanni Darconza

Giovanni Darconza’s poetry is a civil poetry not just in the highest, but also in the newest meaning of this term. It acknowledges that the new philosophy, which is the new way of interpreting the world already from a very long time – is science. So the real big problem, that we still do not want to see, is how this changed perspective changed also – whether we like it or not – our way of looking at things, our relationship with nature, with everyday life and with others, even with love. In "Oltre la lastra di vero" Giovanni Darconza, like a new Lucrezio, tries to open our eyes with a peculiar usage of words that is intentionally clear and direct, but ready to rear up towards the bombastic dignity of hendecasyllable. Winking at this big scientific divulgation, yet always directing his lines towards ethics, he captivates the reader in his attempt of answering to the question: “what does all this mean to our feelings, to our poor emotions?” With him we find out that, if the language of science is also incurably in love with feelings and emotions, as soon as it tries to clear us things up, feelings and emotions start to get muddled. They mix at the same time with living and dead cats, with particles that spread the peacock’s tail when somebody looks at them but of whom nobody knows anything as soon as nothing happens. Therefore, we are still at the start point. The only thing we can do is staying cognizant, maybe adopting a pinch of good irony.

written by Andrea Tavernati

translated into English by Andrea Ripamonti

Picture of a sea wave