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On the poetry of Françoise Roy

The poetry of François Roy appears as a sort of ritual dance that finds place in a parallel universe. Very close to our universe, yet parallel. From our world, she takes out pictures and icons that immediately become archetypes in a “theater of the Other” that is like a duplication of our reality, though transfigured. Therefore, reading her poems gives us the impression of traveling in a dream that has its own logic, not completely clear to us. In this conception, so vague, yet as terrible as a nightmare, Françoise Roy moves with the genius of an alchemist that tries a number of combinations, mixing memories, photograms of lived or imagined life and the obsessive recurring of death, sign of unavoidable change. An incredibly varied poetry that oscillates between an exasperated lyricism and the most complicated poetical prose in order to indicate us alternative places where it is easy to get to, whenever we are bold enough to go on until the end of the road of our emotions and perceptions.

Written by Andrea Tavernati

Translated into English by Andrea Ripamonti

Meduse che nuotano